My paintings have always had a sensibility towards the natural order of things. I’m interested in creating events that both acknowledge and deny spatial illusion simultaneously. I feel as though there never is an end to these works in their self -fulfillment, which is exciting and challenging to me. My process in the beginning is to make a painting in response to one of its predecessors. None of the works are planned and continually change course until they come to some resolve where I can let them go. The forms are invented during the process, some of which survive until the end, others lost in the many layers of thin glazes of paint.

The paintings have a pictorial emphasis for the most part… They tend to be mind paintings but also allude to landscape, still life and portraiture. Having explored many of these genres in the past, they still surface in my abstractions to some degree. The objects within the paintings tend to be unique shying away from pattern or repetition. Many, especially in this recent body of work, meld organic and geometric elements. I have found that this development takes the work in two directions. On one level to point towards the idea but not define the works as autonomous art objects.  On another, to perhaps talk about this type of interaction of forms, their tension and broader meaning.






Eric Louie